The Express’ number 6: Gibson Football Club – 60 years of club legends

The Express’ number 6: Gibson Football Club – 60 years of club legends Grand Final win.
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Linsdsay, M Noel, R Murray, Grand final celebrations.

Ken Bridges.

Pip Paynter and Mark Tyrrell.

Stink gets that losing feeling.

Beautiful bridesmaids at the mock wedding.

Stink, 200 games.

Three Quarter time huddle.

Mark Quinny, Bob Dunn, 40th anniversary cake.


Six in seven years: 1985.

Forty years of coaches.

Forty years of coaches.

1956 team members at the Fortieth anniversay.

Fortieth anniversary cake cutting.

Fortieth anniversary port label.

Fortieth anniversary birthday cake.

1981 Juniors.

1982 under 12s.

1984 Colts premiers.

1985 League.

1988 League team.

1989 Reserves team.

1990 League.

1991 League.

1992 League.

1993 League.

1994 League.

1994 Reserves.

1995 B-Grade.

1995 League.

The 1956 Ladies versus Men footy match.

1979 Team.

1981 team photo.

1982 premiership team.

1983 preliminary final.

1984 team photo.

1985 league team.

1986 team.

1986 team.

1987 Reserves team.

1987 team.

1989 league banner.

Muzz running through the banner in 1985.

1989 team photo.

2000 reserves.

2001 Reserve winner.

2001 Starcey Shield.

2001 team running onto the oval.

2002 on-field fight.

2002 Premiership photo.

2002 premiership team.

2002 premiership flag.

Adam Goedecke, Ash Weckert, Freddy, Tony Power

Alan Powell.

Andy Dunn.

1990 banner.

Basil Parker.

Ben and Tim Sanford.

Bill Rennie, Lindsay and Kerry McLean.

Bill Rennie, Stewie Stevens, Ray Witt.

Bill Rennie.

Bluey Crawford, 40th Barman.

Bob Dunn.

Brendan Weckert.

Brett Dewhurst.

Brian Kerr and Murray Norwood in 1989.

Brian Percy.

Byron Lynch.

Cade Evans.

Cade Evans.

1990 cartoon.

Clinton Strickland winning the Berwin Davies medal.

Club legends.

Cody Browning.

Colin Harman.


Craig McLean on ball.

Craig McLean with the football.

Dave Gaunt.

Dave Scheer.

Dave Vandy, Peter Turner.

David Rowe in the coach’s box.

David Rowe presenting Stink with grand final medal.

David Rowe with the 2002 premiership flag.

Dennis Magagnotti.

Des and Sue Rennie.

Diesel Crawford.

Don Langford and Murray Rance.

Elolie and Graeme Ainsworth with Lonzie Walter.

Fez Ryan.


Freddy in 1999.

Gerry Maguire taking a mark in 1985.

Renovation reopening, 2000.

Gibba and Vandy.

The Gibson team.

Girl Vandenberghe.

Glen Lomax as trainer.

Glen Quinlivan Playing

Glen Quinlivan.

Grand Final banner.

Grand Final banner.

Grand Final celebrations.

Grand Final runout.

Greg Curnow and Rory Smith.

Greg Prosser.

Hardy Tyrell.

Hardy Tyrell.

H Chapman, C Wilson, B Shipard, P Lane, W Paterson, L Shippard, B Norris, C Ralph in 1956 versus ladies.

Ian Lidsay and Bill Rennie.

Ian Lindsay and Glen Quinlivan.

Ian Lindsay.

Ian Linsday and Elaine Crawford.

Ian Lindsay.

Team photo.

Team photo.

Team photo.

J Dishon, P Biven, MA Biven, H Miller.

Jarrad Montgomerie, Mark Quinlivan.

Jerard McLean.

Joe Willsher.

John Johns.

Josh Ryan and Jaron Norwood.

Josh Sullivan.

Kay Lomax.

Ken Crawford, 40th.

Ken Crawford and Snow Ducey.

Ken Crawford.

Ken Crawford.

Ken Ewan.

Ken Guest presenting to Rob Tate.

Ken Guest.

Ken Guest Pavillion opening, 2000.

Kevin Swincicky.

Kieran Barrett.

Kieran Barrett.

Kim Sparks.

Kim Sparks.

Lauchlan Polkinghorne.

Leigh West.

Leigh West.

Leigh West.

Leon Guest.

Marg Lindsay.

Mark Quinny.

Mark Wandel and Sam Murray.

40th anniversary memorobilia.

Micheal Magagnotti.

Mick Harris, Bill Rennie, Will Piercey.

Mick Liebeck and Stink running a lap of honour.

Mick Quinlivan.

Mock Wedding, Sharnelle Powell.

Murray Norwood, Bushey Turner.

Murray Rance wearing the Eagles jumper.

Murray Scheer.


Nick Ietto.

Nigel Thomas.


P Lane, D Paterson, A hicks, R Thomas, J McLean.

Pappin and Bull Tyrrell with 2001 reserves flag.

Paul Ryan.

Phil Monty.

Phil Monty.

Phil Scobel and Ken Crawford.

Phil Scoble jumps for joy.

Pip Paynter and crowd, 1990.

Ray Davis, 1990.

Ray Davis.

Real Old Days.

Renovation time.

Rob Pither.

Rob West and players at half time.

Rob West.

Ross Gibson and Tom Quinlivan.

Ross Gibson.

Russell Tyrrell.

Sam and Brett Crawford, 40th.

Scott Wandel handballing.

Scott Wandel about to put the boot in.

Scott Wandel, Stink, Stuart Norwood.

SEFL, 1990.

Shane Stringer.

Sharon Baldock, 40th Anniversary setup.

Starcey Shield, 2000.

Starcey Shield, 1999.

Steve Davis, Mark Tyrrell.

Steve Davis.

Steve Hill.

Steve and Julie Davis, Kay Lomax, Scott Meadows and Dave Lang, 40th anniversary.

Stink, Rodd King, Freddy.

Stink running through 150 banner.

Stink running through 150 banner.

Stricko and Josh Sullivan.

Stuart Norwood marking the ball.

“The Senator”.

Tigers victorious, 1990.

Too good.

Tigers out to keep record.

Todd Quinlivan, Peter Jarzabeck, David Rowe.

Todd Vladich.

Tom Curnow.

Tom Quinlivan.

Tom Quinlivan.

Tom Quinlivan.

Tony Nesbit.

Tony Nesbit.

Tony Nesbit.

Tony Nesbit.

Tony Nesbit.

Tony Power.

Tony Power addressing players.

Tony Power.

Trev Spencer and Wade Monty with 1999 reserves flag.

Trev Spence.

Troy Bungey.

Trevor Spencer.

Wade Monty taking a mark.

Wendy and Peter Turner, Dave Vandy at the 40th anniversary.

Will Piercey, 1990.

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July 26, 2016: The Gibson Football Clubcelebrated its 60thanniversary on July 30, with many former players and supporters travelling from around the country to help commemorate the occasion.

Here’s a gallery of some of the legends of the club, enjoying their time on the field and off.

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