May 20

The Express’ number 6: Gibson Football Club – 60 years of club legends

The Express’ number 6: Gibson Football Club – 60 years of club legends Grand Final win.
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Linsdsay, M Noel, R Murray, Grand final celebrations.

Ken Bridges.

Pip Paynter and Mark Tyrrell.

Stink gets that losing feeling.

Beautiful bridesmaids at the mock wedding.

Stink, 200 games.

Three Quarter time huddle.

Mark Quinny, Bob Dunn, 40th anniversary cake.


Six in seven years: 1985.

Forty years of coaches.

Forty years of coaches.

1956 team members at the Fortieth anniversay.

Fortieth anniversary cake cutting.

Fortieth anniversary port label.

Fortieth anniversary birthday cake.

1981 Juniors.

1982 under 12s.

1984 Colts premiers.

1985 League.

1988 League team.

1989 Reserves team.

1990 League.

1991 League.

1992 League.

1993 League.

1994 League.

1994 Reserves.

1995 B-Grade.

1995 League.

The 1956 Ladies versus Men footy match.

1979 Team.

1981 team photo.

1982 premiership team.

1983 preliminary final.

1984 team photo.

1985 league team.

1986 team.

1986 team.

1987 Reserves team.

1987 team.

1989 league banner.

Muzz running through the banner in 1985.

1989 team photo.

2000 reserves.

2001 Reserve winner.

2001 Starcey Shield.

2001 team running onto the oval.

2002 on-field fight.

2002 Premiership photo.

2002 premiership team.

2002 premiership flag.

Adam Goedecke, Ash Weckert, Freddy, Tony Power

Alan Powell.

Andy Dunn.

1990 banner.

Basil Parker.

Ben and Tim Sanford.

Bill Rennie, Lindsay and Kerry McLean.

Bill Rennie, Stewie Stevens, Ray Witt.

Bill Rennie.

Bluey Crawford, 40th Barman.

Bob Dunn.

Brendan Weckert.

Brett Dewhurst.

Brian Kerr and Murray Norwood in 1989.

Brian Percy.

Byron Lynch.

Cade Evans.

Cade Evans.

1990 cartoon.

Clinton Strickland winning the Berwin Davies medal.

Club legends.

Cody Browning.

Colin Harman.


Craig McLean on ball.

Craig McLean with the football.

Dave Gaunt.

Dave Scheer.

Dave Vandy, Peter Turner.

David Rowe in the coach’s box.

David Rowe presenting Stink with grand final medal.

David Rowe with the 2002 premiership flag.

Dennis Magagnotti.

Des and Sue Rennie.

Diesel Crawford.

Don Langford and Murray Rance.

Elolie and Graeme Ainsworth with Lonzie Walter.

Fez Ryan.


Freddy in 1999.

Gerry Maguire taking a mark in 1985.

Renovation reopening, 2000.

Gibba and Vandy.

The Gibson team.

Girl Vandenberghe.

Glen Lomax as trainer.

Glen Quinlivan Playing

Glen Quinlivan.

Grand Final banner.

Grand Final banner.

Grand Final celebrations.

Grand Final runout.

Greg Curnow and Rory Smith.

Greg Prosser.

Hardy Tyrell.

Hardy Tyrell.

H Chapman, C Wilson, B Shipard, P Lane, W Paterson, L Shippard, B Norris, C Ralph in 1956 versus ladies.

Ian Lidsay and Bill Rennie.

Ian Lindsay and Glen Quinlivan.

Ian Lindsay.

Ian Linsday and Elaine Crawford.

Ian Lindsay.

Team photo.

Team photo.

Team photo.

J Dishon, P Biven, MA Biven, H Miller.

Jarrad Montgomerie, Mark Quinlivan.

Jerard McLean.

Joe Willsher.

John Johns.

Josh Ryan and Jaron Norwood.

Josh Sullivan.

Kay Lomax.

Ken Crawford, 40th.

Ken Crawford and Snow Ducey.

Ken Crawford.

Ken Crawford.

Ken Ewan.

Ken Guest presenting to Rob Tate.

Ken Guest.

Ken Guest Pavillion opening, 2000.

Kevin Swincicky.

Kieran Barrett.

Kieran Barrett.

Kim Sparks.

Kim Sparks.

Lauchlan Polkinghorne.

Leigh West.

Leigh West.

Leigh West.

Leon Guest.

Marg Lindsay.

Mark Quinny.

Mark Wandel and Sam Murray.

40th anniversary memorobilia.

Micheal Magagnotti.

Mick Harris, Bill Rennie, Will Piercey.

Mick Liebeck and Stink running a lap of honour.

Mick Quinlivan.

Mock Wedding, Sharnelle Powell.

Murray Norwood, Bushey Turner.

Murray Rance wearing the Eagles jumper.

Murray Scheer.


Nick Ietto.

Nigel Thomas.


P Lane, D Paterson, A hicks, R Thomas, J McLean.

Pappin and Bull Tyrrell with 2001 reserves flag.

Paul Ryan.

Phil Monty.

Phil Monty.

Phil Scobel and Ken Crawford.

Phil Scoble jumps for joy.

Pip Paynter and crowd, 1990.

Ray Davis, 1990.

Ray Davis.

Real Old Days.

Renovation time.

Rob Pither.

Rob West and players at half time.

Rob West.

Ross Gibson and Tom Quinlivan.

Ross Gibson.

Russell Tyrrell.

Sam and Brett Crawford, 40th.

Scott Wandel handballing.

Scott Wandel about to put the boot in.

Scott Wandel, Stink, Stuart Norwood.

SEFL, 1990.

Shane Stringer.

Sharon Baldock, 40th Anniversary setup.

Starcey Shield, 2000.

Starcey Shield, 1999.

Steve Davis, Mark Tyrrell.

Steve Davis.

Steve Hill.

Steve and Julie Davis, Kay Lomax, Scott Meadows and Dave Lang, 40th anniversary.

Stink, Rodd King, Freddy.

Stink running through 150 banner.

Stink running through 150 banner.

Stricko and Josh Sullivan.

Stuart Norwood marking the ball.

“The Senator”.

Tigers victorious, 1990.

Too good.

Tigers out to keep record.

Todd Quinlivan, Peter Jarzabeck, David Rowe.

Todd Vladich.

Tom Curnow.

Tom Quinlivan.

Tom Quinlivan.

Tom Quinlivan.

Tony Nesbit.

Tony Nesbit.

Tony Nesbit.

Tony Nesbit.

Tony Nesbit.

Tony Power.

Tony Power addressing players.

Tony Power.

Trev Spencer and Wade Monty with 1999 reserves flag.

Trev Spence.

Troy Bungey.

Trevor Spencer.

Wade Monty taking a mark.

Wendy and Peter Turner, Dave Vandy at the 40th anniversary.

Will Piercey, 1990.

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July 26, 2016: The Gibson Football Clubcelebrated its 60thanniversary on July 30, with many former players and supporters travelling from around the country to help commemorate the occasion.

Here’s a gallery of some of the legends of the club, enjoying their time on the field and off.

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May 20

Primbee teen not to leave home unless accompanied by mum or dad

A Primbee teen accused of leading police on a pursuit – while drug-affected, and whilebanned from driving until 2033 -has been ordered not to leave home unless accompanied by his mum or dad.
Nanjing Night Net

Eighteen-year-old Trae Sheffield Buckingham’s extensive driving record came under scrutiny in court this week after he allegedly led police on a pursuitthrough Primbee.

The alleged chase ended when Buckingham crashed his motorbike into a chain link fence Nicolle Road about 4.50pm on Monday.

Police say he attempted to run before he was tackled to the ground by pursing officers.

Buckingham had minutes earlier attracted police attention on King Street, Warrawong, after allegedly accelerating to 90kmh in a 70kmh zone.

Police say he ignored their lights and sirens while continuing south on Primbee Deviation, then accelerated to more than 90kmh in a 50kmh zone on Windang Road.

He was allegedly attempting toturn onto a grass laneway off Nicolle Road when he hit a fence and couldn’t re-start the motorcycle.

Police will allege the motorcycle was stolen and that Buckingham afterwards returned a positive result for methamphetamine.

On Tuesday Wollongong Local Court heard Buckingham’s license was suspended until May 2033, as a result of his driving while suspended on December 5, 2015.

The prolonged disqualification period was the result of “numerous habitual offender offences added to his original disqualification”, the court heard.

The prosecution opposed Buckingham’s release, citing concerns for community safety.

“The risk he posed to the community his this instance was extreme,” the prosecutor said.

“When he was stopped by police, it was merely because the motorcycle he was riding impacted with a fence.

“He had no intention of surrendering to police.That can be confirmed by him giving people false details when in custody.”

Buckingham was supported in court by his partner andparents, who pledged to keep a close eye on him.

Due to court holidays, his next chance to apply for bail would not have comeuntil January 9.

Bail was granted, on condition that Buckingham notleave his parents’ Wollongong home unless in their company. The matter returns to court January 10.

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May 20

Knife used in armed break in, car theft

CRIME SCENE: Police attended a home on Douglas Road on Friday morning after an armed home invasion. Picture: MARK JESSERSEVERAL Lavington residents have been threatened with a knife during a home invasion.
Nanjing Night Net

Police were called to the home on Douglas Road, near Daly Street, in the early hours of Friday morning.

Three men of Aboriginal appearance had forced their way inside the home and one threatened those inside with the weapon.

They had donned bandannas and gloves in an apparent bid to conceal their identities.

Property and cash were taken from the home and the trio fled in a blue 2012 Ford Falcon owned by one of the occupants.

Those at the home appeared shaken after the incident, but were uninjured.

Crime scene officers and detectives attended the home.

The property, which has a video camera at the front door, was dusted for fingerprints.

A nearby resident, who asked not to be named, said the house was usually quiet.

He spoke to police but didn’t hear anything unusual.

“They woke me up about 7.15am,” he said.

“They didn’t say too much, they just asked if we’d seen or heard anything.

“The cops just said there was a break-in and that was it.”

The neighbour said he had heard the stolen car start up and drive away.

“It was a loud car,” the man said.

“It’s usually pretty quiet here –you hear people going down the road flogging their cars, but that’s it.”

Police are trying to track down those involved in the home invasion.

The first man is aged about 25 to 30, overweight with a large stomach, 175 centimetres tall with short hair and facial stubble.

He was wearing a grey hoodie, dark pants and gloves.

The second man was about the same height, aged 20 to 25 years old, of thin build, and was wearing a grey hoodie with a black and white bandanna covering his face.

The third man was short, aged 20 to 25, with black shorts and Adidas shoes.

Anyone with information should call (02) 6023 9299 or 1800 333 000.

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May 20

How to increase natural lighting

Natural light not only helps to brighten rooms, it can make the space appear larger. One way to achieve this is through design and placement of windows.All creatures, plants and humans on Earth rely onsunlight to growand keep us healthy. With the increase in apartment livingabundant natural lighting can be difficult to achieve.
Nanjing Night Net

One common way to make a place ‘brighter’ is to use paint. White walls can make a room lighter and appear larger than darker colours.

Relying on sunlight also means we can rely less on artificial lights, saving on energy bills. In our homes particularly, the addition of natural light not only helps to brighten rooms, it can make the space appear larger.

Jan Golembiewski from Psychological Design lists his architecture firm on Oneflare, an online marketplace that connects Australians to professional trades and services.

“Light is really predictable, but the way humans use and respond to light is frustratingly complex,” he said.

Below, Jan Golembiewski sharesfive suggestions on how toincreasenatural lightin your home, whether you’re living in an apartment or a large house:

1. Look for opportunities for northern windows as northern light has a glorious quality to it and southern windows don’t provide a great deal of light unless there’s something to reflect sunlight off.

2. Skylights can bring daylight to the middle of a room, but that light can be harsh because it comes from high above. Skylights need to be used carefully or they can become uncontrollable light and heat sources.

3. One common way to make a place ‘brighter’ is to use paint. White walls can make a room lighter.

4. Artificial lighting is the most controllable way to light an interior. People like pools of light, so an example of effective lighting is when low hanging, low glare, warm light fittings are inthe middle of a seating arrangement.

5. You can avoid loss of light in the evening with blinds or curtains to re-colour dark windows.

Home renovations for the home can range from large scale plans of rebuilding to smaller projects such as repainting walls.

OneFlarefound that complete home renovations was the most requested renovation job customers asked for through the platform, making up 24% of requests within the year.

This was followed by home orapartment extensions which made up 15% of renovation requests.

(OneFlare is a joint venture of Fairfax Media).

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Apr 20

Ranking it with the best

PODIUM FINISH: Warrnambool driver Darren Mollenoyux finished third in the World Series Sprintcars A-Main at Avalon on Friday night. ZOOM, ZOOM: Simpson driver Tim Rankin produced quick time at Premier Speedway on Sunday in a big result for his small team. Picture: Amy Paton
Nanjing Night Net

SIMPSON driverTim Rankin made a fast-start to his 2017 campaign, notching quick time in his first World Series Sprintcars meeting of the season on Sunday night.

The dairy farmer upstaged some of his big-name rivals to post 10.974 seconds in the rain interrupted time trials at the New Year’s Day meeting at Premier Speedway.

DARK SKIES: Sprintcar fans put their umbrellas to good use as rain falls during the time trials during the New Year’s Day meeting.

Rankin, 28, rated the result “a bonus” for his small team, which bypassed the first eight rounds of the WSS season.

He started off third in the A-Main final before crashing out spectacularly, flipping multiple times,two laps in.

Jack Lee

“We’re small budget team and we can’t do much,” Rankinsaid after time trials.

“But we had a bigger motor we wanted to get right for the classic.”

GRAND PLANS: Allansford sprintcar driver Tim Van Ginneken hopes to turn his home-track form around this summer.

Rankin will compete at the Grand Annual Sprintcar Classic –the sport’s pinnacle in Australia –later this month.

“This year we have no expectations –we’re here to enjoy it,” he said.

“We haven’t missed one for a while now. We’ve made the A-Main four times but last year had a DNF (did not finish).”

Rankin was the only driver to break the 10-second barrier, with Warrnambool competitor James McFadden the next best with 11.001.

The south-west pair were in the same flight, with South Australian Steven Lines (11.162) claiming top honours in flight one.

Terang racer Jack Lee won his two heats after at the front of the pack.

Lee said it was important to take a positive mindset into the heats after a tough time trial.

“We missed time and were unlucky with the weather,” he said.

“You pick your bag up and keep going down the road.”

Fellow south-west drivers –Simpson’s John Vogels and Purnim’s Dion Bellman –were also among the heat winners.

Western Australian Scott Reilly andSouth Australian duo Mitch Foster and Jake Tranter rounded out the heat victors.

The top-eight shootout, in which Warrnambool matesMcFadden and Jamie Veal were poised to go head-to-head in the gold race,was scrapped after showers impacted the program late.

The B-Main and A-Main were then run back-to-back.

Nine-time series champion Brooke Tatnell started off pole in the B-Main and held sway. Tatnell advanced along with Tranter, Tim Hutchins, Andrew Wright, Adam King and Braydan Willmington.

Vogels and Mailors Flat’s Peter Doukas crashed out two laps into the second-chance 15-lap final.

The A-Main had a strong south-west flavourwith McFadden, Veal, Rankin, Darren Mollenoyux, who finished third at Avalon on Friday night, Tim Van Ginneken and Corey McCullagh featured.

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Apr 20

Knight and Dragon in quest for victory

A KNIGHT’S TALE: Budderoo Knight moves into a winning lead in the feature race at Moruya’s Christmas Cup. The gelding will race again at the Narooma Cup on Monday.There could be no better way for a racing syndicate to start 2017 than with a win, and in the case of the owners of brothers Budderoo Knight and Budderoo Dragon, it could be a double celebration.
Nanjing Night Net

The equine half brothers, born two years apart, will line-up in the feature races at Moruya’s big holiday meeting on Monday.

The traditional race day attracts a huge crowd, with Budderoo Knight to start one of the favourites in the $35,000 Club Narooma Cup (1425m) and Budderoo Dragon looking to find winning form again in the Lynch’s Hotel Narooma Town Plate (1200m).

Experienced jockey Grant Buckley will ride the duo for father and son training duo Robert and Luke Price.

Budderoo Knight, a grey son of Pendragon, powered to the finish from back to win at Moruya last start which followed a fourth and sixth in Highway Handicaps in Sydney.

Price senior feels Budderoo Knight is well up to winning the main event.

“He is a nice horse who is up to city grade,” he said.

“He has come on since his last run and I have kept him on the fresh side. I haven’t done a lot with him because of the hot weather but he is ready to go.”

Budderoo Knight spent a lengthy time off after a paddock accident curtailed his career.

The eye catching gelding steps up in class but receive a big weight advantage over the top weight Nat King Ku who continues to race well with big weights.

Chief In Command has figured prominently in feature races he has contested this campaign.

He will carry only 56.5 kilograms after the claim for Chelsea McFarlane and should be in the finish from gate five.

Budderoo Knight has won four of his ten starts for his large group of owners.

“The owners have had two winners on the one day before but not with these same two horses ,” Price said.

Budderoo Dragon will be the first of the two to race and Price is hopeful of a forward showing on a track where he is well suited.

“He won the same race last year. He is better suited to the 1200 metres and got ran off his legs last start,” Price said.

“They always roll along at Moruya and he should improve.”

Count Dekroner easily beat home Budderoo Dragon last start and will start favourite despite drawing the outside gate.

Budderoo Dragon has won two of his three starts at Moruya.

Gates open at 11am for Monday’s Narooma Cup, with the first race at 1.04pm.

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Apr 20

Game watch

Four players work together to bring liberty and democracy to some bug aliens in Helldivers.SOMEWHERE at the crossroads of ­Magicka, Starship Troopers and Aliens lies the madness and joy of Helldivers.
Nanjing Night Net

Helldivers is a hardcore twin-stick shooter I picked up as a couple of gifts for some old friends so we could play something insane together for the holidays.

I was expecting a challenging and ­chaotic game with a heavy focus on teamwork and communication and that’s exactly what I got.

However, what I didn’t expect was Helldiver’s Starship Troopers-style naked satire of fascism and ultra-patriotism which recent events have made tragically topical.

You and your friends take on the role of the titular Helldivers, an elite military force bringing “managed democracy” to the enemies of Super Earth.

Up to four players take part in missions fighting one of three vastly different ­factions.

You spread liberty and peace throughout the stars by completing objectives like activating SAM sites, blowing up alien nests and capturing oil sites.

While the temptation is to run and gun, if you don’t work together you won’t last two minutes, which is something a friend of mine and I found out the hard way.

One of the twists is that almost any weapon or ability players use can kill other players.

This is especially important since all extra equipment and resources have to be dropped from space by supersonic drop pods, which squish enemies and friends alike.

The variety in the loadouts and abilities is mind-numbing and I can see myself playing for a long time.

If you’re bored with your current gaming line up and want something to bring you and your friends closer together while inadvertently blowing each other apart, then this is worth a look.

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Apr 20

Pyro priest lights the sky

LIGHTING UP THE SKY: Father Anthony Koppman, better know by his alter ego Holy Smoke, is back in Armidale for his 10th anniversary fireworks display and it promises to be the biggest and loudest show yet. Photo: Matt BedfordFATHERAnthony Koppman is back in town to light-up Armidale’s New Year’s Eve party, much to the envy of surrounding towns.
Nanjing Night Net

Potential poachers have persistently pursued the pyrotechnic priest.

But fortunately for Armidale, Tamworth and Glen Innes will either have to travel to see theshow or sit in the dark.

“I’m committed to Armidale,” he said.

“I don’t have any other plans.

“This is where I started the New Year’s Eve fireworks10 years ago.

“And I’ve been looking forward to coming back to light-up the sky.

“I’ve got a special heart for Armidale.”

This year, the show promises new and exciting colours, shapes and sounds.

And with a perfect weather forecast, Father Koppman plans to make it a night to remember.

“We’re bringing in some new products this year that we haven’t seen before, which are in line with what Sydney will be using,” he said.

“We’ll have a lot more aqua, a lot more brilliant colours that will burn in the sky for longer.”

While Holy Smoke will ensure the night goes off with a bang, the festivities will also include food vendors, market stalls, and children’s entertainment.

The party idea came from the Armidale Youth Council forum and young people will be at the heart of the festivities.

A DJ will kick the party on after the 9pm show and take the celebration through to the midnight finale.

“The big one is at 9 o’clock for the families, which will go for about 15 minutes,” Father Koppman said.

“Some of the fireworks will go more than 100m into the air.

“We will get them as high as we can.”

The best vantage points will be from Civic Park but viewing will be good throughout the city.

“Last year people from Kelly Plains commented that they could see them,” he said.

“So you can watch it from your back porch ifyou like.”

Event organiser Jane Guilfoyle said she was expecting big crowds this year.

“It’s a lot like the Autumn Festival,” she said

“The aim is to promote safe partying.

“We’ll have Peter Stanley on acoustic guitar and after 9pm, DJ’s will be performing for the younger crowds.

“There will be rides for the children, wood-fired pizza, ice cream from Neville’s and coffee.”

The party starts at 6pm in Civic Park, with the first fireworks display at 9pm and second display at midnight.

It’s BYO chairs and picnic blankets.

And Guyra residents can take a free bus from the big lamb at 6pm.

“It’s going to be spectacular,” Father Koppman said.

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Apr 20

YEAR IN REVIEW: September-DecemberPHOTOS

YEAR IN REVIEW: September-December | PHOTOS TweetFacebookSeptember:Community support at Jamie ‘Dodge’ Manning fundraiser:
Nanjing Night Net

SCONE’S community spirit is on show at The Golden Fleece Hotel. Residents began arriving at the hotel from 2pm on Saturday, for the Jamie “Dodge” Manning Charity Ride Fundraiser. MORE HERE.

Upper Hunter Local Government Elections:

The Upper Hunter Shire election will be held on Saturday, September 10. This year there are 13 candidates for the local elections. MORE HERE.

New council meets for first time:

WAYNE Bedggood has returned as mayor of Upper Hunter Shire Council with Maurice Collison remaining his deputy. Both were elected unopposed at an extraordinary meeting onMonday night. MORE HERE.

Dressed to impress – Year 12 formal:

THERE was plenty of glitz and glamour on show atScone High School’s Year 12 formal. MORE HERE.

Red carpet rolled out:

SCONE Films rolled out the red carpet on Saturday night for the eighth annual Scone FilmFest. MORE HERE.

Popularly-elected mayor proves unpopular:

THE people of the Upper Hunter have spoken. A referendum during Saturday’s local government elections handed voters the chance to decide if they wanted to electthe mayor instead of local councillors. MORE HERE.

October:Riders show they’re a cut above:

RIDERSconverged on Sconefor the Hunter Valley Cutting Horse Club’s October Show over the weekend. MORE HERE.

Jet safe, sound after cave rescue:

A DOG that became trappedat the bottom of a shaft for more than 24 hours has been saved during a dramatic rescuenear Murrurundi. MORE HERE.

After 99 years, Murrurundi remembers Beersheba Day:

THE Murrurundi Troop of the 12th Australian Light Horse invites residents to attend the commemorative service this weekendto mark the 99th anniversary of the Battle of Beersheba. MORE HERE.

Adam was one of a kind, says family:

THE heartbroken family of Adam O’Regan has paid tribute to the popular Scone real estate agent a day after the Gundy car accident that claimed his life as well as those of two passengers. MORE HERE.

Historic Hurricane ready for take off:

AN historicHawkerHurricane that has been carefully restoredwill soon be officially unveiled to the public during a display over Scone Airport. MORE HERE.

November:Scone gets into spirit of Melbourne Cup:

PEOPLE around the country are celebrating the race that stops a nation. MORE HERE.

Big plans for library’s future:

WOULD you like to see the Scone Library move to a new location? This is just one of the possible options for the future after Upper Hunter Shire Council listed it as a top priority under theCommunity Strategic Plan 2027. MORE HERE.

Let’s tackle this issue together:

A HUGE turnout is expected for the Positive Education forum at Scone High School next week. MORE HERE.

Hurricane’s historic Scone flight:

THE buzz surrounding the Hawker Hurricane brought thousands to Scone Airport on Saturday. And, the crowds were not disappointed. MORE HERE.

Connor’s seventh heaven, Williamson dominates:

NATHAN Connor has built his reputationon making plenty of runs at the top of the order.But,after being dismissed for just seven on Saturday, he still found a way to play a match-winning role–this time with the ball. MORE HERE.

December:Community leading the way:

“POSITIVE psychology education will notonly improve the well-being of our youth, it will also improve the well-being and prosperity of our whole community.” ‘Where There’s A Will’ co-founder Pauline Carrigan producedthis powerful message during a forumat Scone High School on Monday night. MORE HERE.

I’m very proud of everyone – principal Lindy Hunt:

SCONE High School principal Lindy Hunt is an extremely proud woman today. And, she has every reason to feel that way. MORE HERE.

Students beaming from HSC results:

IT was all smiles at St Joseph’s High School Aberdeen on Thursday. MORE HERE.

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Mar 20

Agar breaks hearts of Tremain’s Renegades

SPEEDSTER: Chris Tremain steams in during his good spell against the Scorchers, his side couldn’t get the chocolates though. Photo: GETTY IMAGESFormer Western Zone opening bowler Chris Tremain acquitted himself well with the ball at Etihad Stadium on Thursday night, but his efforts weren’t enough to help his Melbourne Renegades over the line in their second game of the Big Bash League, against the Perth Scorchers.
Nanjing Night Net

All the Renegades’ top fivecontributed as the hosts compiled 8-148 from their 20 overs, before Tremain tied up his end with the new-ball, bowling 13 dot balls from his four-over spell –which netted him 0-19.

The Renegades looked to be in control of the game too, until West Indian superstar Dwayne Bravo went down after bowling one over, leaving the Melbourne side down a bowler and one of their star fieldsmen.

Bravo’s injury forced Melbourne skipper Aaron Finch to bowl three overs, which he normally wouldn’t. That proved the decisive factor as Finch charged himself with bowling the final over,from which the Scorchers needed 12 to win.

With the Scorchers needing three from the final ball of the thriller, Finch promptly dished up a rank full toss forAshton Agar (10 not out), who gleefully pumped it for six to seal the win.

That came after Michael Klinger’s 55-ball knock of 72 and Mitch Marsh’s 22-ball 34.

The Renegades will view the loss as a serious missed opportunity after thumping the Sydney Thunder in their opening game a week ago.

Marcus Harris (25), Finch (24), Cameron White (37), Callum Ferguson (28) and Bravo (23) lifted their side to a more than competitive 8-148, Tremain ended the innings 0 not out from two balls.

Klinger, opening the batting, made a huge difference at the top after Shaun Marsh (7) was dismissed early, Tremain taking the catch off the bowling of mesmerising West Indian spinner Sunil Narine.

Can you believe it?! Ashton Agar, take a bow! #BBL06pic.twitter南京夜网/MQctIL1xkK

— KFC Big Bash League (@BBL) December 29, 2016This story Administrator ready to work first appeared on Nanjing Night Net.