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Alan Birchmore, of Newnham, says as the Federal Member for Bass, Andrew Nikolic was diligent, extremely hardworking and successful. Nikolic praiseSADLY, it is not unusual to read envious letters when an ex-politician is appointed to the public service, but the recent letter concerning Andrew Nikolic was particularly irksome. Joining the Army as a foot soldier, through hard work, courage and ability, Mr Nikolic worked his way up to the rank of Brigadier and was an international fellow of the United States War College.

He commanded Australian troops in Southern Iraq, while concurrently serving as chief of staff of the British Forces in Basra. He was chief of staff Australian National Headquarters Middle East operations and Afghanistan. Closer to home, he was Commanding Officer of the Parachute School, leading the internationally respected Red Berets.

Mr Nikolic was a senior adviser to the Minister for Defence and during his service in the field, wore Australia’s uniform bravely. He was awarded the Conspicuous Service Medal and was a recipient of the Order of Australia. Academically he secured two Bachelors and a Masters degree.

As a Liberal Bass MP, Mr Nikolic was diligent, extremely hardworking and successful in so many of his representations to Government on our behalf. Australia is not so overloaded with talent today that we can afford to lose the services of such a valuable person when leaving politics and choosing to continue his public service.

Alan Birchmore AO, Newnham.Free Trade AgreementTHE China-Australia Free Trade Agreement has been in place for one year.Demand in China for Australian products has boomed in that time.The value of Australian exports to China has at least doubled due to lower or zero tariffs.

Not only is this beneficial to our agricultural products, including mangoes, oranges, grapes, cherries, wine, cheese and milk products, abalone and honey, but also manufactured products such as therapeutic medicines, milk powders and a range of other products.

A boom in visitors from China is providing increased activity in our hospitality industries, especially here in Tasmania with hotels, B and Bs, restaurants, hire cars and all aspects of our provisions for tourists reaping benefit.We must welcome all these developments and their widespread positive impact on our economy.

Dick James, Launceston.The extreme rightPRIME Minister Malcolm Turnbull is likened in many respects for the core beliefs of Robert Menzies, but is a prisoner of the extreme right of his party who are holding him to ransom.

Menzies faced a similar position when leader of The United Australia Party which forced his resignation as Prime Minister, Arthur Fadden from The Country Party was elevated to Prime Minister but could not continue the support of independents Coles and Wilson.

Labor leader John Curtin gained their support and was elected Prime Minister who led Australia through its darkest hour and distinguished himself as a great leader during World War II.

Menzies regrouped and made his famous “The Forgotten People” speech and formed the Liberal Party and won the 1949 federal election. Australia has seen the split in conservative ranks before on this occasion. The forgotten people are turning to One Nation.

Labor has been in the wilderness since the 1955 split and the Whitlam experiment was not continued by Hawke and Keating, which gave stable government. Rudd was an egotist and could not delegate and ostracised himself to the public service and Gillard carried the workload.

Turnbull should do a Menzies and take on the extreme right on, and win back the forgotten people from One Nation. A Churchill quote to extreme right: “You do your worst and I will do my best, choose for yourself and common sense will prevail”.

Brian P. Khan, Bridport.This story Administrator ready to work first appeared on 苏州美甲培训.

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