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Four players work together to bring liberty and democracy to some bug aliens in Helldivers.SOMEWHERE at the crossroads of ­Magicka, Starship Troopers and Aliens lies the madness and joy of Helldivers.
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Helldivers is a hardcore twin-stick shooter I picked up as a couple of gifts for some old friends so we could play something insane together for the holidays.

I was expecting a challenging and ­chaotic game with a heavy focus on teamwork and communication and that’s exactly what I got.

However, what I didn’t expect was Helldiver’s Starship Troopers-style naked satire of fascism and ultra-patriotism which recent events have made tragically topical.

You and your friends take on the role of the titular Helldivers, an elite military force bringing “managed democracy” to the enemies of Super Earth.

Up to four players take part in missions fighting one of three vastly different ­factions.

You spread liberty and peace throughout the stars by completing objectives like activating SAM sites, blowing up alien nests and capturing oil sites.

While the temptation is to run and gun, if you don’t work together you won’t last two minutes, which is something a friend of mine and I found out the hard way.

One of the twists is that almost any weapon or ability players use can kill other players.

This is especially important since all extra equipment and resources have to be dropped from space by supersonic drop pods, which squish enemies and friends alike.

The variety in the loadouts and abilities is mind-numbing and I can see myself playing for a long time.

If you’re bored with your current gaming line up and want something to bring you and your friends closer together while inadvertently blowing each other apart, then this is worth a look.

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